Tuesday 9 August 2011

Ludovic Habas - Showreel 2011

I presente my technical showreel 2011.
Softs skills : 3ds Max, Rayfire, Fume FX, Tool Box 2, Z brush, After FX, Première pro, Photoshop

Languages skills : Maxscript, ActionScript, Html

In oder of appareance :
Watch the ground ( director )
Mafalu ( co-director )
Rubika ( co-diretor ) : selection at siggrpah 2011, Audience Award at "festival international des très courts", Audience Award at "Plein la bobine", 2nd prize of the public and the special mention of our official jury at Future Film festival, Audience Award at Festival de Roanne, Best short movie and Audience Award at ANIMA, Best short movie at festival International Court Métrage de Lille 2010, selection in RADI diffusion, diffusion cinema with Logorama and Co
Douce menace (co -director ) : Siggraph 2011 diffusion in "French Animation Showcase"

Sunday 7 August 2011

L.H Auto-rig - 2011

This year, I also developped my own automatic rig.
My rig was used on the short A Fox Tale, Tuurngait and Douce menace.

Tuurngait (extract) :
by Paul-Emile Boucher, Remy dupont, Benjamin Flouw, Mickael Riciotti and alexandre Toufailli

On this movie, they used L.H Auto-Rig for the characters and the birds.

A Fox Tale (extract) :
by Ma Chao, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Thomas Bozovic

On this movie, they used L.H Auto-Rig for the characters and the fox.

Automatic stéréoscopic camera - 2011

For Douce Menace and Tuurngait, I developped with Mickael Riciotti and Thierry Barbier a automatic stréreoscopic camera rig.

Feathers system - 2011

For Douce menace and GoodyBox, I developped my own system of feather and fur.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Douce menace - 2011 - graduate film

Version 2D :

My short graduate film co-directed with Mickaël Krebs, Florent Rousseau, Yoan Sender and Margaux Vaxelaire.

I made of supervising technical aspects of movie. I made my own automatic rig for character, all aspects of pigeon and feather, cloth Fx, H²O FX, setup of automatic 3D stereoscopic camera.

The monster of nix - 2010

I worked on this project at "Autour de minuit" during two month.
I participated at the creation of doublure of little boy "Willy".
I made all aspects of Willy's 3D bag. I made Cloth Fx of Willy.
I made a part of Langeman's setup.
I made the Canopee and his setup. I made all aspects of Eggdrasil.
On this project, I really used Z brush.

Vray Rendering Test - 2010

Xtrem BMX model

A picture I made ​​for to improve my skills on Vray.

Making of Rubika 2010 - Rig/Script - My part of project

It's a short making of that show you my work on Rubika.

Rubika ( Le laboratoire / Canal + ) - 2010

Rubika is a short film that I co-directed. It was fully completed in two months in Supinfocom Arles for "Le laboratoire" for canal +.

On this short, I was technical director. I also made setup/rigging, lighting/rendering, Pixel system and maxscript developement.

Rubika ( Le laboratoire - Canal + )

Rubika ( Le laboratoire - Canal + )

Kaeloo - Intership 2009

To end my year 2009, I did an internship at Cube Creative
on the animated series Kaeloo of Remi Chapotot.
I made modeling and texturing of objects and background and rigging of Fx.
To make FX, I started to learn maxscript during this intershinp.

Watch the ground - 2009

Watch the ground is my first short film directed in 2009.

I learned the computers graphics by making every aspect of this short film :
Modeling, Rendering/Lighting, Rigging, Animation, FX, Compositing,
Sound design...

Watch the ground - HABAS Ludovic - BMX Watch the ground - HABAS Ludovic - Casque